• Washington State Firefighters

Partnership for Success

Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (WSFF JATC) has proven itself an innovative and respected leader. A collaboration of two strong and influential forces, the WSFF JATC is co-sponsored by the Office of the Washington State Fire Chiefs, representing management, and the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters, AFL-CIO, representing labor. This partnership of management and labor creates a balance that benefits Washington’s fire departments, firefighters, and ultimately the communities in which they serve.


The WSFF JATC has brought this tradition to our demanding profession. When fire departments and their respective labor association’s partnership with the WSFF JATC, they are providing their apprentices valuable on the job training in conjunction with technical instruction which meets NFPA standards, is accredited, and provides college-level credit. Apprenticeship consists of accredited recruit academy training, hazardous materials training, EMT training, followed by on the job training and academic instruction that supplements the craft of fire fighting. Apprenticeship works because it provides true-to-life work experience through on-the-job training. The WSFF JATC does not step in and take over a department’s existing training program; rather, the partnership formed with the WSFF JATC enhances and assists financing your fire department’s training program. The work and achievements accomplished by the WSFF JATC are just the beginning. In the future, the WSFF JATC will be developing, implementing, and financing journey level upgrade programs for the many specialty occupations in the fire service such as fire officer, technical rescue technician, hazardous materials technician, fire investigator, paramedic, and chief officer. Each program incorporating IFSAC/Pro-Board certification and college level credit where applicable.


Joint Labor/ Management cooperation

Applies toward a college education

Labors voice in training

Eligible for G.I. Bill benefits;